“They won’t see your vision. They simply can’t. But with the right amount of work, your vision will become contagious.”
Here I am, enjoying the last day at our old office at Cross Campus, El Segundo. I didn’t know my friend was taking a picture.

It was this moment where I was scared about the next step in the brand. My mentor consulted with me and gave me an ultimatum.

It was,

“Go all in or just stop what you’re doing cause you’re wasting your time.” To me, I was confused because I thought that I was already, “all-in.”

Now my head is all over the place. I was working a full-time job at a psychiatric facility, I co-hosted a podcast and YouTube Channel, and on top of that, I had just started a clothing brand.

If there is any advice I could give, it’s to do what makes you happy while doing what makes you money. You can take that however you want to interpret it. In the end, it will all riddle the same meaning.

That’s why I was in my thoughts in this picture. I knew that it was great to have this office for the podcast and for creating content, but with the clothing brand being established, it was a commodity that I had to give up if I really wanted this new brand to succeed.