Dear Ryssi,

We’re Filipinos from America and we just wanted to let you know that we support you and don’t judge you. Don’t listen to anything that doesn’t make you grow as a person and as a performer. We are limited in knowledge about the whole situation between con, skusta clee, and zebianna. talaga, yan lang alam natin. we love skusta clee! shout out my boy! we also love con and zebbi. but if we had to show our most support, it would be to ryssi. the reason is because it looks like she has taken the most judgement from this experience. kung staged yun para sa views, okay alam natin galing ang drama sa youtube. but that still doesn’t come with pain. so ryssi, mahal, just know that we are praying for you. as American Filipinos, what you are going through is so normal. There’s no reason to feel ashamed for trying things out. You have to know how something taste before you can say you like it right? Diba? The Philippines mentality love to shame sex-culture, but Filipino-Americans, that shit is normal. Minsan ah, kakagising lang hinde namin alam sino kasma natin. basta hinde bading okay lang. hahaha. keep doing what you are doing. You have our support. We want to send you merch. You and Skusta Clee. We will sponsor what we can for your careers. As individuals. If you ever find this, contact me at [email protected]