How To Tell If Your Mask Is Effective?

A side by side n95 vs kn95 comparison! Since there is a mandatory face masks/face-covering law, makers from all trades have dedicated to creating more masks.

A new market has opened. Like the previous episode, I brought out the vape and put on my non-scientific coat and threw on my, “I am not medical professional hat.”

During my month-long hiatus, I found myself in the weirdest places looking for these masks called, “N95 Masks or N95 Respirators.”

I found out more about the underground black market. Best believe, these N95 Masks and KN95 Masks are in abundance. While the news has been saying there is a shortage of PPE, what I saw was an oversaturation of effective masks. Effective in the sense that they were definitely N95 strong, but they were illegally manufactured.

Some of these products go through various cycles of re-labeling and rebranding. For example, if “ABC Masks” gets flagged for some reason and lose their NIOSH entitlement, they would simply change the packaging. They’d operate under multiple fictitious business names. I discovered more then I wanted to know during this study.

From counterfeit masks being stronger than the real 3M N95 Masks. To the most strongest mask, rating N99. I hope you enjoy this video.

This one tested my will power and purpose. I literally wanted to give up. I’ve been having issues in my personal life as well. I’m sure we’re all going through something today.

That inspired me to just create and even though I don’t have support from friends or family, I know that I’m happier when I’m creating. Kn95 mask review and face-covering options!