Every day I wake — my bed, I make;
My hands, I wash. Then I awake my face. 
My imperfect smile, I dab some paste;
I shut my door, take a knee, and pray. 
Praying to a God that I’ve forsaken; 
Now the thoughts of HER break-in.

Long have I pursued her taste; 
My arms around her perfect waist. 
Entice her with my kisses on her back, 
Now my tongue is like a soundtrack; 
The way she was begging me to play it back.

Her body arched. 
She’s screaming loud
and then she shouts!

Unbelief was the look that was in her eyes, 
Teardrops were streaming down her side;
Her body, I worshipped. I’m a pagan, and she’s my goddess.
I’ll be honest — I just took one hit & I sold my soul, I promise.

Her attitude attractive, I’m feeling like an addict
`I’m four steps up the ladder — 
now there’s no need to panic.`

What happened next was tragic;

I sold my soul in vain, to a goddess; 
With the same initials as my name.
But, who’s to blame? 
I made a mistake and;
there ain’t no replays in this game. 
I anticipate the flames. 
The same day, I won’t wake. 
My bed I won’t make. 
My hands I won’t wash. 
& I won’t kneel cause it’s too late.

Written by Joseph Mayuyo (11/23/2018)