how to stop being targeted individuals chosen ones!

today I reveal to you the truth about the whole target individual scheme.
It’s no more than a charlatan selling you snake poison.
you have been manipulated to become an enabler of these narcissists. You’ve been scammed.

The jig is up. The origin of the target individual scheme dates back to the time of Napoleon Hill.
In his book, Think and Grow Rich, he shares a story about humans’ six fears. Why is this important?
Well, fear sells like nothing else. This scheme covers the fear of becoming ill. Just as you can manifest and use the law of vibrations and attraction to get you what you so deeply desire.

A person can spread a thought telepathically to you. Making you believe every word they say. You start to become sickened with colds, headaches, insomnia, social withdrawal, paranoia, delusions, grandiose, narcissism, and a plague of your worst fear. The devil doesn’t appear to you as a Baphomet.

The devil reveals himself to you in the form of everything you desire. Please, don’t give any more energy to the dark side. But I can’t force you to not sell your soul. After all its yours and you only get one. My blog has more content to dive into and it is the best way to support my career as a creator.

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