Before the Good Music… Go ahead, we all need to take a breather.

Hi! If you’re new to the abstract discovery, welcome! As of writing this, we’re four months shy of 2021.

We lost 2020. Even more, we lost lives, sanity, human rights, friends, family, finances, and sadly, hope.

What do you do when you lose the last thing you have? Hope is all we have in times like this but I don’t blame anyone for losing it.

This year has tested every business and individual. It brought out the truth. It was a year of cleansing.

However, if you’re one who’s lost hope in everything, be assured that you still have this moment.

You still have life, you’re still breathing. Before we know it, we’ll be a moment in history and eventually, life will go on.

The purpose of this page is to share music, videos, poems, or any kind of media that can offer us a reason to have hope, again.

Connecting the Philippines with the Filipino’s overseas, we welcome everyone to chime in.