In this video, we show how to clean the n95 mask using UV light.

Do we answer how to clean the N95 mask? Is it possible to sterilize an N95 respirator? With the lack of personal protective equipment and mask shortage, we’ve had to turn to desperate measures for desperate times. We take a break from vaping and learn how to disinfect the n95 face mask with UV C light technology. The N95 masks or n95 respirator in this video are a different type. They are similar to the KN95 masks but they’re American. This video is really a chance for me to get. to know my audience. I decided and saved up enough to come up with a little kit that I can give out to the first 20 people who sign up for it. The first and second sign-ups will receive the extra UVC devices I received. Anyway, more info about that in the video.

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