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What We Do

We create content for small businesses. Just think about the time people spend on their phones. All the time spent in front of a computer screen. Heck, even listening to a podcast or the radio, people are constantly consuming and absorbing content. So what don’t we do? Easy, we don’t reach out to every single person in the world and tell them about your business. Most marketing companies will tell you that, “we’ll get you MORE VIEWS! MORE LEADS!” That’s not us. Even though we could take the money and blow it all on vanity metrics, that’s not going to get you sales or grow your business. We rather create content for the right views so nothing is left on the table. Less is more sometimes. Like our pricing!

Our Approach

We’re really focused on small businesses that have been impacted due to the pandemic we’re going through. The approach we bring has worked time and time again, we didn’t create it, we just figured it out. We day trade against consumer’s  “FOMO.” Which means, “fear of missing out.” That’s our approach. We create the content, we run the ads, we manage your socials, and we even go into the market and get personal with your clients. Our team is composed of marketers, video creators, singers, designers, and even former private investigators. We bring you tangible results. We don’t give you leads, we lead your customers there. We don’t ask for attention, we control their attention.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you the help you need to build or rebuild your business. As a start-up, we know the struggle. But what’s better is that we know what works and what doesn’t. We don’t have an arbitrary doctrine on how we market your business. That’s what most agencies do. We spend time analyzing your business from different viewpoints and different expertise. We formulate the blueprint of how your business makes money, we teach it to you, then we’re outta your way. Call us when you need us.

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Personal Branding

One lesson we learned from COVID:19 is that the winner in the end, well we haven’t seen the end yet – However, for the business sector, it’s the businesses that have a strong personal brand. This is not to be confused with logos or advertising. Personal Branding goes beyond software. For the consumer, it’s unconscious bias to choose your business even if it’s more expensive. It’s that client who could have chosen the five closer businesses that were closer to them, but instead, they made the drive to come to you because your personal branding aligns with their morality or philosophy. But in the end, your personal branding markets itself during times when businesses are forced to closed. So what do we do? We analyze your brand, come up with a blueprint, and create content to express your brand’s narrative to create loyalty and redemptive relationships to maintain your sales at all times.



(Week One) Study and Planning


(Week two) Content creation, Defining target audience, injecting ads, collecting emails.


(Week three) Going to the field to get to know your customers. Word of mouth marketing. Convert visitors into clients and clients into ambassadors.


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