Okay, chill, let me telehealth. Alright so, I don’t really tell anyone this on YouTube because I have a different audience here. But on AnchorFM, a Podcast App, I actually have a podcast.

For some reason, they removed a feature where creators could collaborate with each other on the computer.

The app has gone completely mobile and I felt bad as a host not being prepared for this. So I immediately learned how to use OBS and streamed on here because I didn’t want to break that appointment.

The change happened so suddenly. I’d never open up as much on YouTube than I did on this podcast. I usually edit too so you wouldn’t hear that I have a mean speech impediment.

I can’t believe this was actually streamed. So unprepared and unprofessional on my part.

If you’re into this sort of content, it’s usually on Anchor, Spotify, or Apple Podcast

and you can find that here:

Able Rxcipe Podcast:

Anchor: https://anchor.fm/ablerx

Apple: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/attacking-anxiety/id1455804484?uo=4

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/show/7ClkV4NGNT9saEktpCOEQa

Main: https://ablerxcipe.com

So yeah. This is embarrassing. All chaos on my channel is scheduled to resume normally. Hopefully improved. If you haven’t started a podcast? What year you in?! Start yours today, on AnchorFM and yes, it’s free and It was recently acquired by Spotify.

Since we’re in quarantine, start your podcast right now and be heard (and distributed across all platforms automatically) on AnchorFM today! It’s never been easier to start a podcast. **Not Sponsored**

You can find the EDITED (better sounding) VERSION of this podcast here: (currently editing) Unrelated keywords: anchor podcast anchor FM anchor app how to start a podcast Channel Timeline [2005 -2009] This channel was born in December of 2005. I know right? Here’s a surprise, there’s been a lot of changes throughout the years. I was 12 years old at the time, I’m now 28.

This channel was first used as a hosting platform for my dance battles on an old forum that no longer exists called, “TheCwalk.Com” At the time, we also used my channel to upload our school performances (which are still available to see in horrible quality). [2016-2017] I returned seven years later after a year-long battle with Google to gain access back into my channel.

At this time, the channel was used as a “family vlog.” It first kicked off after I began working in marketing with one of my mentors. 2017 was the most I was ever active and grew this channel from 20 subs to a “whopping” 230. I worked my but off. Behind the scenes, I never mentioned, but I was struggling with addiction. I was intermittent at the beginning but towards the middle of the year, YouTube consumed most of my time and I eventually kicked my bad habit.

This made me inspired to help others going through the same situation as well as the mental anguish that comes along with trying to get a job again, how to get back into society, and plainly, how to live again. It wasn’t until July 29th, 2017, where my mom passed away to cancer. Despite what happened, I still continued to vlog. Those videos are still up if you’re curious.

The daily vlog continued as I began growing a little community of friends here on YouTube. Before my mom passed away, we had a moment when I was helping her get up after falling in the shower. She saw that I was frustrated. She apologized but I wasn’t mad at her. I was angry at the situation. She asked me, “If this wasn’t happening, where would you want to be right now?”

I answered back, “I want to travel. I want to become a journalist, blogger, or even YouTuber. I want to leave this place because it’s too tempting for a recovering addict.” That’s when she told me that when everything was over and she passed, she made me promise her to go travel the world. In October 2017, shortly after her funeral, I woke up one day and decided to get on a plane.

You can find those videos here still. In fact, one of my best videos to date was during that time period. I got burned out. When I got back from traveling I had so much footage that I still haven’t uploaded. So I took a break for a few months.

[2018] I relapsed again and fell into a much darker place than before. There is probably one video towards the end of the year but I was pretty much caught up in my habit for quite a while. I was broken. I couldn’t make videos anymore. I couldn’t be fake in front of the camera. I didn’t want to inspire people to change when I myself was in a bad place. I just couldn’t. I never made content about this. So if you’re reading this, you’re getting the backdrop of the truth of this channel. mental health awareness

Creditor? Background check? Fuck you.

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