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An all new formula that’s alternative and completely transparent. Since we are not medical professionals, we don’t offer any medical advice. You know the old patient and doctor confidentiality? We’re breaking that by Podcasting and sharing our fears, worries, anxieties, and everyday trials.

Hi, I’m Joseph. I major in Human Services with a concentration in psychology. I have 3 years experience working with patients who suffer from mental illnesses. While I’m not a medical professional, I can surely listen to you and all the more be there for you in times of uncertainty and restlessness.


Breaking in the “new normal.”

Schedule Online

Get help right away. Right when you need it. No more waiting 3-4 weeks to get help. You can have it now.

Insurance? No need.

Just read and accept the terms of service and all of our policies, with a small fee, we can start today!

Life Organization

We want to know your routine and create a consistent routine for you to follow and have time to become independent.

Visit Video/Phone-Call/Voxer

Schedule a Zoom call if you want a face to face interaction. A phone call is just one call away. And we break norms with a tool we call Voxer.

Podcast or Private

While we encourage the podcast, we understand that some content is best left in private. And we will respect that.

Leave a Review!

Share this with a friend who needs help. We do not offer medical services or advice. However, we can share experiences in our life and businesses.

Where we stand out from everyone else.

Voxer is a walkie-talkie app. Think about it like voice texting. You can easily leave us a message whenever you need to vent and release any negative energy. Do it on the Voxer. We will assess the message and someone will contact you asap.

Why Choose us

Same-Day & Walk-In Apts


Easy Booking & Renewals


Breaking the norm

On Demand 24/7 Telehealth


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